• Left/Right Arrows: Move
  • Up Arrow: Enter through a door
  • X: Jump
  • Z: Hold it to run
  • Esc: Pause menu
  • E: Toogle old console GFX filter
  • 1-2: Change language to Spanish or English


  • Scroll: Touch it to get some useful info
  • Key: Use it to unlock locked doors
  • Cross: Increase your maximum life by one heart (there are 5 hidden in the game)
  • Hymnal (Book stand): Touch it to refill your life and save the game

Aim of game:

You must find the Holy Chalice that is hidden somewhere deep in the monastery. In order to do that, first you have to find the four lost monks and meet them in the choir of the church. Then you will be able to cross the Jump of Faith pit and continue looking for the Chalice.

You can see your current objective in the pause screen.

Saving the game:

The game will be automatically saved and your hearts refilled each time you open a Hymnal (a sound will confirm it). You will find one in the entrace of the church and some more spreaded all over the monastery.

If you start a new game and touch a Hymnal your previous game will be overwritten!!



  • Flechas izquierda/derecha: Moverse
  • Flecha arriba: Entrar por una puerta
  • X: Saltar
  • Z: Mantener pulsado para correr
  • Esc: Menú de pausa
  • E: Apagar o encender el filtro de "consola antigüa"
  • 1-2: Cambiar el idioma a español o inglés


  • Pergamino: Tócalo para leer información útil
  • Llave: Úsala para abrir puertas cerradas
  • Cruz: Incrementa tu vida máxima en un corazón (Hay cinco escondidas en el juego)
  • Cantoral (Atril): Tócalo para guardar la partida y rellenar la vida

Objetivo del juego:

Debes encontrar el Cáliz Sagrado que está oculto en algún lugar de las profundidades del monasterio. Para ello, primero debes encontrar a los cuatro monjes perdidos y reunirte con ellos en el coro de la iglesia. Después podrás atravesar el pozo del Salto de Fe y continuar buscando el Cáliz.

Puedes ver tus objetivos actuales en la pantalla de pausa.

Guardar el juego:

La partida se guarda automáticamente y los corazones se rellenan cuando abres un Cantoral (un sonido lo confirmará). Encontrarás uno en la entrada de la iglesia y desperdigados por todo el monasterio.

¡Si cominezas una nueva partida y tocas un Cantoral, se sobreescribirá la partida anterior!


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Hey, nice job! Looks awesome!

Hey, thank you so much!

this is a great little game! thanks for making it. here's a few things:

- thanks for having the option to turn off that filter that makes everything super blurry. it's too blurry otherwise.

- when you pick up the chalice, the message that appears on screen is in spanish even when playing the game in english.

- the chalice run is so hard. i'm dying. i have all the hearts and i'm dying

Thank you much for your kind words and feedback! I´m very happy to hear that you liked it!

The filter seems to be blurrier in some screens and resolutions vs anothers. Also I had put it becuse I like the blurry graphics of old consoles in old tvs but not many people share that view,  that is why I decided to make it optional.

The message bug was pointed before, I should have fixed it many months ago... I was waiting because I planned to make a major update of the game but at the end I had no time for that and I forgot about fixing bugs... my fault... I will try to fix it some day. In any case it says " You´ll never return the Chalice to the Church".

Concerning the chalice run, the advice I can tell you is to take it easy without hurrying at all, the screen shake, acelerated music and spikes coming out of the floor in the first rooms may make you run, but after you get to the Collapsed Cave (I have just found a typo in the room name) go slowly and don´t get too worried about the Demon, if you go calmly it is very easy to avoid his shoots. For me the Unholy Basilica is more difficult.

Thanks again for commenting! :)

Loved it!

I feel very happy yo hear that. Thank you!!

Excellent little thing, I enjoyed this a lot! The music files currently 404 though :(

Thank you so much! It is very nice to hear that the game is being enjoyed! :)

Where do you get the 404 error? I would like to fix it but I can play the game in different computers without any issue in the music.

I'm playing in Safari on MacOS, which does not have .ogg support and thus tries to get .m4a files for the music; I'm assuming this is something the engine automatically does for cross-browser support?

I hadn't actually noticed there was meant to be music until until I reached the full choir, so I checked the in-browser Developer Tools and there are messages appearing in the browser console saying the .m4a files yield a 404:



Thank you again! I didn´t know that Safari doesn´t support .ogg, and in Mac I have had only tried with Firefox and Chrome where it plays correctly. I have now tried in Safari and yes, the music is not playing . For the sounds both .ogg and .m4a are there (altough some sound weird in Safari) but because the game was meant to be played online I only put the .ogg files to make the game data as small as possible. I will put the .m4a music files there when I update the game. In the meantime I can suggest you playing in another browser.

Again thank you for playing and for spotting this problem! :)